Boat Owner: Guy de Picciotto (SUI)
Tactician: Tanguy Cariou (SUI)

For one of the longest standing D35 teams, which has raced with the fleet since 2009, the move to the TF35 represents an exciting new chapter for the class.

Helmsman Frédéric le Peutrec explains: "The most remarkable thing with the TF35 is its ease of flight. It's a glider! Thanks to the automatic lift regulation system, the stability on foils is stunning both upwind and downwind and immediately gives confidence, which allows the crew to focus on performance, coordination of manoeuvres and soon ... tactics."





Helm:  Frédéric le Peutrec (FRA) 

Mainsail traveller:  Guy de Picciotto (SUI)

Tactician: Tanguy Cariou (FRA)

Mainsail: Nicolas Berthoud (SUI)

Bowman: Arthur Cevey (SUI)

Trimmer:  Jérémy Bachelin (SUI)

Trimmer: Jocelyn Keller (SUI)


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