Boat Owner: Guy de Picciotto (SUI)
Tactician: Jérémy Bachelin (SUI)

For one of the longest standing D35 teams, which has raced with the fleet since 2009, the move to the TF35 represents an exciting new chapter for the class.

Loïc Forestier explains: “The TF35 is a very high-tech boat, and the level of the teams on the circuit means it is incredibly competitive. Foiling upwind brings a new dimension to the racing - everything is much faster. We still have a lot of things to learn as a team, which is an exciting prospect and one of our objectives is to build a long-term project that will improve our technique while enjoying each regatta.”




Helm: Loïc Forestier (SUI)

Tactician: Jérémy Bachelin (SUI)

Mainsail trimmer: Jocelyn Keller (SUI)

Mainsail traveller: Guy de Picciotto (SUI)

Bowman: Alex Detrey (SUI)

Headsail trimmer: Nicolas Berthoud (SUI)

Team manager: Tanguy Cariou (SUI)

Boat captain: Nicolas Rossier (SUI) / Jean-Pierre de Siebenthal


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