Day 4 - TF35 Scarlino 2 highlights


With an impressive eight-point lead Esteban Garcia's Realteam Sailing, co-skippered by Jérôme Clerc has dominated in Scarlino this week. Taking six wins out of nine races, their discarded fifth from day one the only blemish on a scoreline of first and seconds, "I'm very proud of my team, " Clerc explained.

Day 3 - TF35 Scarlino 2 highlights


Another top of the range day off Scarlino, Italy, for the TF35 season final saw  Esteban Garcia's Realteam Sailing claim two bullets from three races, further extending their lead over the chasing pack.

Day 2 highlights - TF35 Scarlino 2


At the halfway stage of the TF35 season final in Scarlino Esteban Garcia's Realteam Sailing, co-skippered by Jérôme Clerc, has risen to the top of the leaderboard but is challenged at every move by Alinghi and Spindrift.

Day 1 highlights - TF35 Scarlino 2 - SPARKLING OPENING DAY TO TF35 FINAL


As if easing the teams into the final decider of the inaugural TF35 season, Scarlino delivered a warm sea breeze between 6 - 11 knots, flat water and blue skies on the sparkling Tuscan coast for the opening day of racing.

Day 4 - TF35 Scarlino 1 highlights


Esteban Garcia's Realteam Sailing, co-skippered by Jérôme Clerc, triumphed at the end of a thrilling final day at the TF35 Scarlino Trophy. After four days of racing Clerc and the team were head-to-head with Alinghi until the last race in sparkling sunshine off the Tuscan coast.

Day 3 - TF35 Scarlino 1 highlights


TF35 Trophy Principle Race Officer Benoit Deutsch picked his moment well today to get two thrilling races in, with the boats foiling upwind at 24knots in 16 knots of breeze, before the heavy mistral wind cut the day short.

Day 2 - TF35 Scarlino1 highlights


A challenging second day for the seven TF35s in Scarlino started with an hour delay ashore as the moody overcast skies prevented the sea breeze from kicking in. When the racing got going, it was in an inconsistent six to eight-knot breeze with the mountainous Tuscan coastline and the island of Elba looming silhouetted in the background.

Day 1 - TF35 Scarlino 1 highlights


The opening day of the TF35 Scarlino Trophy delivered everything the fleet had hoped for their first experience racing away from Lake Geneva: a steady 8-12-knot breeze and flat water under brilliant sunshine. Coming into the second half of the season the points are close across the overall championship standing. With a single point between leading boat Realteam Sailing and second-placed Alinghi, the rivalry was reignited on this opening day.

Day 2 - TF35 Mies highlights


Watch the highlights from the final day of racing at the TF35 Mies as Realteam Sailing claim the victory.

Day 1 - TF35 Mies highlights


In the hotly contested opening day of the TF35 Mies it was Alinghi who dominated.

Realteam Sailing winner of the TF35 Nyon


Hear from Jérôme Clerc co-skipper of Realteam Sailing and winner of the TF35 Nyon.

Day 2 - TF35 Nyon highlights


All the best shots from day 2 at the TF35 Nyon.

Day 1 - TF35 Nyon highlights


Hear from Xavier Revil how Spindrift prevailed on day one in Nyon.

Spindrift helm Xavier Revil on the importance of keeping the TF35 flying


It's a delicate task in light winds keeping the TF35 flying but the benefits in boat speed are well worth the effort.

Un retour sur le plan d’eau attendu avec impatience


Le TF35 qui se monte en 4 jours demande une bonne préparation pour offrir le meilleur sur l’eau.

Loïck Peyron on the TF35


French sailing legend Loïck Peyron gives his first impressions of the TF35

Light wind practice ahead of Opening Grand Prix


A little snapshot from the start of practice race 1 today in Nyon, only 6-8 knots of breeze but still foiling upwind.

Welcome to OMEGA official timekeeper


The TF35 Trophy is proud to announce its partnership with OMEGA as the Official Timekeeper for the tour.

introducing the TF35


Racing for the first time on Lake Geneva the seven-strong TF35 fleet is the next generation in high performance foiling. 

After an intense design and development process throughout 2018-19, the innovative TF35's journey slowed in 2020, as events across the world were postponed due the COVID-19 pandemic. The additional time has been put to good use as the confirmed seven crews got to grips with their new racing machines. 

Zen Too training in Mar Menor


Sneak peek: Guy de Picciotto's Zen Too training in Mar Menor

TF35 boat zero - Alinghi's first sail


"The feeling, it's like skiing in powder, there is nothing but the vibration of the foils," Arnaud Psarofaghis, Alinghi.

9 knots of wind - 17 knots of boat speed foiling upwind, 23 knots downwind


Our brief: design a boat that would fly in very light wind, to have electronic stability and that all the boats are exactly the same.

First flight boat zero


The first day of sailing went far beyond expectation as in only nine knots of breeze the TF35 was comfortably foiling reaching 17 knots boat speed upwind and 23 knots downwind with a very stable flight.

TF35 the final preparation


Here we go - the final preparation of boat zero before tomorrow's splash. 

The TF35 taking shape


The rig is in and boat zero for the TF35 is taking shape ahead of her first splash.

Build of boat zero


After two weeks of hard work the rig and sails are up on boat zero in preparation for test sailing later in the month.